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We’re a small family run business with the aim to bring radio controlled hobbies back to life in the local area! Radio controlled models are far from just a toy, there are great entertainment, learning, skill building and finding a community to belong too! This is a hobby for any one and any age!

I am Oliver Eason, I started with models at a young age going from just your everyday low cost cars found in kids toy shops to an impressively fast electric Subaru Impreza (at least at that age I thought it was)! Naturally it met its end eventually but I’d had a taste for speed! We all know what this means….Yep it was time to go nitro! But first I had to build it from scratch at the age of 14, with a little help from dad of course! (Ok fine, more than a little! He made it all possible!).


At 18 and a few car crashes and builds later I had originally planned to open this store! The plans were almost ready and the bank was on my side and then…..the recession! That’s right what a buzz kill that was! As time went on opening a store was not looking likely any time soon, sadly for the time being it had to remain a hobby! 


So what changed? well having reached 35 and having a daughter now aged 14 with that same excitement I had, I found myself sat beside her with my first self built nitro car, helping her as my dad did with me rebuilding my 20 year old nitro car as she gets ready to embark on her journey into the true power, excitement and community of radio controlled models! Could I feel much prouder! 


Between us that old flame for the shop got re lit! Whilst it is still tough times still in the economy! Although as a small business I can’t guarantee the lowest prices, I can promise great service, great care, somewhere to talk models and service…with a smile! I’m ready for the grind! I need it, we need it and Salisbury needs it! It’s not just a hobby, it’s a family!


When you come to the shop looking for a repair or service or your next model, don’t be surprised to find my junior mechanic ready to get her hands dirty and dive in! 



Salisbury! Start your engines!